We are working with MES for many years but this was a very unique request to execute the interior of a Naval beach hut in Karachi using the designs of a renowned interior designer from Islamabad. We did our best to make it look victorian

Constructed the site/sales office for a Mega Complex Project in Karachi. Our client approached us to provide a portable building solution as they wanted to move this build to another location after the launch of this Mega Complex Project in 8 months' time. We used

One of our clients wanted to construct a small office in their residence. Going for the conventional RCC structure was time taking, messy, and expensive solution so we developed this small office using Light Guage Steel System; a fast, durable, dry construction and cost-effective solution.

After the earthquake in 2005, we worked with UN to develop schools in Kashmir using Light Gauge Steel technology that has seismic resistance, easy to transport through tough terrain and is fast to construct. One of those projects is this school in the Kashmir valley.

AirSial, now a leading airline in Pakistan launched its operations in the Year 2020. AirSial wanted to construct their Engineering Facility of 12,000 SFT at the apron area of Jinnah International Airport, Karachi. They came to us for a fast but durable solution as the

Due to Covid19, all the hospitals were expanding their patient capacity. Shamsi Hospital came to Brass for a quick building solution to construct a 2 story building within 12 weeks. We took the challenge and made it possible with our durable PEB solution.

In 2018, Nayyar Ali Dada Associates approached us to work on their AKU Pre-Engineered Building Project. We did the construction of the PEB building as well as the Interior of the building which can accommodate 300 employees at the same time.